Long-flowering blackberry

Photo: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
  Blackberry   Kitsemurakas      Rubus nessensis
It grows at road, field and forest verges and on ditch banks. It is a frost-hardy forest understory plant, tolerates shadowy habitats, prefers a soil rich in organic matter and has a patchy distribution.
The blackberry is a shrub with biennial upright or arched stems. This year’s shoots are greenish, sparsely covered with small thorns and have alternately placed compound leaves with 5-7 leaflets. The shoots of the second year are greyish-brown and the leaves have three leaflets.
They flower for a long time, until August. The flower stalks are hairy, the flowers white and sparse, five to ten together in a cyme with a diameter of up to a few centimetres.
Similar to the dewberry that grows in the western counties and also to the blackberries cultivated in gardens.
Spreads readily vegetatively.




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