Does the youngest manage to hold its own?

Video: Macko, LK forum
Translation: Liis
Mother Piret keeps an eye on how the osprey chicks spend their time. The chick who was one week old on Monday and is nearly four days younger than the others asserts its rights too. Good to see, during the first days there were difficulties with the bigger ones, in finding the right place in the nest and not getting squashed. When it rains the adults cover the chicks and when the rain has passed there is sunbathing. On days with full summer sunshine the adults stand shadowing the chicks so that the little ones will not get overheated. The chicks get their water only from the food.
The osprey adults have an efficient feeding order since there is prey enough for all. First the strongest are fed until bellies are full to bursting. Then the little one can be fed peacefully without problems until its belly is full too. Watching the Latvian osprey camera, other factors and relationships already have an influence there. We don’t know exactly how old the „Latvians“ are because the camera angle did not allow the hatchings to be monitored; they can only be surmised from behaviour.
See the forum for more details about today’s doings:
Web camera image from Latvian nest: Fleur, LK forum

Latvian osprey Ulla proudly with her three chicks.
Ours will look like this only in several more weeks.




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