Take part in counting the swallows at your home!

Text: Meelis Uustal, EOÜ
Photos: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Barn swallow
This year too the Estonian Ornithological Society calls all to take part in a survey of swallows in your home area. The point of the survey is to get an extensive overview from the whole of Estonia of the numbers and the breeding success of the two of our swallows that build clay nests – barn swallows and house martins.
The results of the 2011 survey showed that the wings of our swallows were not beating happily everywhere in Estonia and despite the favourable summer the previous year was one of the worst breeding years in history for our swallows.
House martin
What is the situation in 2012? You can help us to find out by taking part in the survey of swallows at your home!
How do I take part?
In order to participate, the survey form has to be downloaded or printed and the boxes for the nesting of each swallow pair have to be filled in.
You can download the form for printing here (PDF) or if you prefer to fill out the form directly in the file click here (WORD).
Send the completed form by e-mail by September 30 to:
or by post to the Estonian Ornithological Society, Veski tn 4,  51 005, Tartu.
Don’t be discouraged if some boxes (for instance hatching) stay unfilled! Every piece of information is valuable and will help us to put together a more complete picture of the situation for our swallows!
Please take the form along with you at Midsummer to your parents and grandparents too!
Wishing all memorable moments in the company of swallows!
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