Birder’s diary - 1.07

Birder: Margus Ots,
Translation: Liis
Over the weekend the Estonian Ornithological Society’s Summer Days took place in Rannu near Tartu. Participants were record many, > 160 bird friends wrote their names in the guest book. Lectures were heard, we went on bird trips, took part in various competitions and had a good time generally. Many thanks to the organizers for a splendid weekend.
Participants at EOÜ summer days  (Rannu 01.07.2012)
The nearest „bird spot“ to Rannu is the Valguta polder. Most of the summer day visitors found time to get there, personally I ended up in Valguta no less than three times. The polder was nicely full of birds, the trippers had no cause for disappointment. The most exciting find there evidently was the little crake (Porzana parva), a female bird was calling in the reed banks in the old river bend. This species has not been seen in the Valguta polder before.
Listening to the little crake at the Valguta polder




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