How is our patient in the clinic doing?

Web camera image: Lussi, LK forum
Nest life goes on as usual, somewhat wet from the rainfalls but the siblings do their wing exercises more often by every day.
Many people have asked for news about storklet Lenny, but there haven’t been any major events to report.
For wildlife, when they have been treated and are recuperating, we minimize contacts with us and other people.  We don’t want them to become habituated or imprinted on us. That might later make our patients dysfunctional in nature, so we don’t spend time watching them or petting etc. For rehabilitation and the return to a natural environment to be successful the released animals and birds must be able to function truly as wild animals. This includes being able to recognize and obtain suitable food, select mates of their own species and reproduce, and to show appropriate fear of potential dangers (humans, cars, dogs etc.). Basically I come in contact with my patients only when I have to carry out some treatment. All the remaining time they are left undisturbed so that they can rest and not be stressed by our company. We as humans need to remember that we are still predators for all truly wild species and too much love can kill (or damage seriously).
It is not easy to achieve such goals but if we want to release animals who are able to function properly  we need to be knowledgeable and strict in our procedures.
With best regards,
Dr. Madis Leivits
Dr. Madis Leivits’s report in English from his post in Black stork forum.




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