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Photos: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Greater plantain
Greater plantain; rat-tail plantain    Suur teeleht     Plantago major
Plantains like to grow near people because the plant spreads by means of humans. Plantain seeds are slightly slimy on the surface and stick for some time to the footwear of humans who step on the plant (car tires are similar propagators); so the plant spreads and later grows where man’s feet have trampled, thus a synanthropic or human-associated being that has spread to all continents in this way.
The round leaves grow in a rosette and they have always been used for healing wounds. The flowerhead looks roll-shaped and is called a spike. The spikes embellish the plant from early summer to autumn. The tiny little flowers are almost stalkless but all necessary is there: calyx, petals, stamens and pistils. The plantain seeds ripen in their capsules and our propagation of the plant starts.
Greater plantain




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