Seashore plants – Sea rocket

Photos: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Sea rocket
Sea rocket    Liiv-merisinep      Cakile maritima
The sea rocket is a good companion to ramblers on the seashore sands, it accompanies the walker with its pretty lilac-coloured flowers until the gales of October. In mid-summer the stand flowers proudly. When a storm passes the shore the plant roots are bared – a tangled bunch of light yellow vines. Plants that understand how to live on the shore sands are not many.
Sea rocket
The leaves of the plant are shiny and fleshy, the flowers small with four petals, sometimes also nature white. The fruit of the sea rocket is a cork-colourd pod that floats well in water – so the propagation of seeds is ensured. It is an annual.




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