Scent and flower experience

Photo: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Wild marjoram

Wild marjoram     Harilik pune    Origanum vulgare

In dry meadows the wild marjoram is in full flower, sending out its spicy aroma. The strong-growing plant is locally common; it has flowers in whorls, rounded leaves with a short stalk. From its exterior it can be confused with some mints but the smell always gives marjoram away.
Wild marjoram can be used successfully instead of cultivated marjoram for seasoning meat or root vegetable dishes, directly picked from nature or dried: it helps the uptake of nutrients too. Our ancestors used the plant in preparing sausages.
Look at the Latin name of the marjoram – these days it is maybe better known by the names oregano and “wild marjoram“ instead of the old Estonian  "pune“ meaning red. In Italian cooking for instance oregano is a much used flavouring herb. 




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