Birder's diary 9.-10.08

Birder Margus Ots,
Translation: Liis
 August 9th
After constant south-westerly winds a number of days with northerly or north-easterly winds are expected, and Pulgoja bird station is likely to get a good catch. So I headed once more for the western coast but the plan was to check the best wader spots of north-western Estonia first. But when I had already reached Läänemaa information came that in Pärnumaa, in Võiste, the  Terek sandpiper (Xenus cinereus)  had once again shown up. On that I turned around and raced at once to Võiste. I got there late in the evening, but fortunately it was light enough for observations and this time (the fourth attempt this year) I at last managed to see the creature. The bird was busy together with other waders in the same place where it had been found for the first time a couple of days ago. The Terek sandpiper is the  267th bird species in my 2012 year list. Because I had almost reached Pulgoja now I won’t be returning to Läänemaa this time. I will stay for some days at Pulgoja bird station for ringing.

August 10th

Red-backed shrike, adult male (10.08.2012 Pulgoja bird station)
With the good migration weather the Pulgoja reed banks were clearly emptier of birds, of the chitter-chatter from yesterday only silence remained in early morning. But another weather change set new birds moving. All our reed warbler species came into the bird station nets (except rarities), in addition swallows, Sylvias, chiff-chaffs, grasshopper warblers, but also some yellow wagtails, fly-catchers, bearded tits, whinchats and red-backed shrikes; of more exciting creatures also a cuckoo and a black redstart. Thus a quite varied company arrived in the course of the day. This year > 2000 birds have got a ring on their leg at Pulgoja bird station.
Young black redstart (10.08.2012 Pulgoja bird station)




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