Peacocks to be seen

Photo: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Peacock butterfly
Peacock butterfly   Päevapaabusilm      Nymphalis io
The basic colour of the upper side of the peacock’s wings is dark cherry red. The big and multi-coloured eye spots are so characteristic that it is not possible to confuse the peacock with any other butterfly species. The span of the wavy-edged wings is five to six centimetres, but when closed the blackish brown undersides of the wings resemble a dried leaf or a bark flake – so quickly a striking appearance can be hidden  ...
Now this summer’s bright-coloured imagos are out flying. In September, with poor weather, they creep into hiding for winter. In spring we meet them again and then they fulfil the tasks of preserving the species almost until Midsummer.  




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