A week in the forest – trails talk

Overview by Marko Kübarsepp
Photographed by Peep Männil

Trails of a pair of wolves in Pärtli
There is nice soft winter weather outside and the fresh snow, which has fallen on the crust turns the next page in the book of trails.
For already six days and nights, Hall (Grey) has been travelling with a companion, whose social status and gender are unfortunately unknown. The animals are diligently marking the boundaries of their home territory and they seem to be doing well. Whether the companion is a member of the same pack or a newly found one, will be seen in due time. It should be known quite soon. If there are marks of bloody urine along the wolf-pair`s trails, it means we might expect a new generation in the spring. For some reason, Habe (Beard) is not travelling the same routes with Hall anymore. At least not for the moment. But that`s how the life of wolves goes. We`ll see what happens next.
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