Impressions from wolf track expeditions

 Text and photos Bert Rähni,
Translation: Liis
At the end of February we were out for three days in a row in Kõrvemaa in the tracks of wolves. We trudged on snowshoes in snowy forests, made exciting discoveries and saw a drama, extraordinary for us but everyday in the forest, that was recorded in the snow. This Sunday already we plan to go again to explore the doings of the wolves.
On scouting for tracks I discovered the first wolf tracks on the road passing through the Keskpolügoon, the central training area for the Estonian defence forces.
Walking on along the road I came to a place where beavers had been feeding. Beavers become more active as winter progresses, and in early spring they already actively make visits outside the nests.
Of course wolves too had been interested in the doings of the beavers.
On the third day the wolf tracks led us to a bloody patch on the snow. On exploring the scene more closely and pushing aside the freshly fallen snow with my snowshoes a battlefield appeared. The wolves had killed a wild boar that evidently had not surrendered without a fight. Such a drama, common in African nature films, you can take part of in Estonia by reading the traces in the snow.
The current weather forecast is good, a cold week with little precipitation is promised. This makes for good conditions for the wolf track snowshoe expedition on Sunday. Sign up HERE to take part in the expedition




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