Black stork webcamera 2013

Transmission courtesy of Tele2/Televõrgu AS and EENet
Translation: Liis



Once more we start the direct stream transmission from the black stork nest in Läänemaa. This is the third consecutive season of observing the nest life of black storks Tiit and Tiina. The winter this year is slow to retreat, and so we start the transmission one week later than usual. The first black storks usually arrive in Estonia in the last days of March or the first days in April, but the Estonian birds with GPS transmitters were only in the Ukraine and Romania on April 6th this year. Last year the first black stork arrived in the webcam nest on March 28th, but this year there is still a very thick snow cap on the nest. The warmer weather forecast for the coming week should attract the first black storks to Estonia and soon we will know when Tiit and Tiina arrive at the nest.

The camera at the nest spent the winter this year in the forest and started working without problems on April 5th when Renno from Kotkaklubi (Eagle club) brought the batteries to the site and set the arrangement in the forest working. The technical setup is quite similar to that of our other web cameras:
By way of Mikrotik aerials the image from the web camera reaches the Elisa mobile tower 11 kilometres away, and from there into the Televõrgud fibre-optic cable. The Televõrgud carry the image to the EENet server where the video is decoded and the stream multiplied for viewers. The power for the camera and aerials in the forest is supplied by solar panels.
Contributing to the enterprise:

• Camera - Mobotix (Estonian representative - Beta Grupp OÜ)
• Aerials (MikroTik), cables, technical support - Kernel AS
• Image transport to EENet server, mobile tower work - Televõrgu AS
• Stream multiplication, video recording, server space - EENet
• Solar power solution - TTÜ Institute of Materials Science
• Mobile tower for transmission aerial - Elisa
• Black stork camera maintenance costs covered by Keskkonnaamet (Estonian Environmental Board)

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