A week in the forest – birdsong gains power

Photo and text Marko Kübarsepp
 Translation: Liis
The wolf pair has left its prints on an early-spring forest road, Öördi, April 2012
On northern slopes some snow remnants still remains, high water covers floodplains and birdsong resounds ever louder in forests.
After the melting of the snow forest roads, because of their softness, are still areas where it is reasonably easy to secure the tracks of the creatures that have been moving there. But if the animal decides to turn off from the muddy road into the forest, its tracks usually become invisible to humans. The further time moves towards spring the harder the roads become, and the next good opportunity to read tracks really only arrives with the next snow. Despite the fact that tracks visible to human eyes are scarce, a brisk life goes on in the forest. For instance most of the wild boar sows already have striped piglets in the nest. And wolves will not be far behind. The contribution of the female wolves to the progeny of the population should be expected in the coming week when the gestation period of a couple of months finally is at an end.




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