VIDEO: Ural owl in black stork nest

Video recorded by Bea, LK forum
Translation Liis
Ural owl      Händkakk         Strix uralensis
Ural owls have a similar plumage the year round; body length is about 60 centimetres. Our most frequently occurring owl has a population of about a couple of thousand pairs, the eggs should be in the nest as are those of tawny owls and in their pair too only the female incubates . The male is just a little smaller, weighing 700 grams whereas the female weighs nearly a kilo. Back plumage is brown, breast brown with streaking. Large and uniformly grey facial discs – eye colour is dark, the underside of the yellow beak grey. The tail is long and wedge-shaped.
Their  nest is in a broken tree trunk, or the nests of other larger birds are successfully used (is a male looking for a new nest for the family?) but they also move into nest boxes or blocks with large openings.
Image from webcam captured by Dagi, LK forum
Days are ever longer, thus we see  birds roving about more often…




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