Osprey nest cameras in Estonia

Text: Urmas Sellis
Transmission courtesy of Tele2, Kernel and EENet
Translation Liis

 Nest of ospreys Irma und Joosep



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Nest of ospreys Mai and Mikk

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The osprey nest webcams are installed at artificial nests. Both monitored nests are in comparatively new nesting territories and we know them since four years back now. Ilmar’s nest has a camera for the third year, that of Madis for the fourth year.
The natural nest of osprey Ilmar was located on top of a decaying broken spruce trunk about 50 m from the present location, and had largely collapsed. To replace it we constructed an artificial nest in the top of a stronger pine in spring 2013 and installed the webcam there. The image from the nest, in Tartu County, arrives to the EENet server through the  Kernel network, and regular transmission from the nest started on April 6th. Two young eagles fledged for Ilmar and Irma in 2012 and 2013 and in 2014 as well. Ilmar also carried a transmitter on his back for one year; his migration path is shown on the migration map (autumn 2012 and spring 2013). In 2015 a new male with the ring J3 appeared in the nest and started renovating it; several  ”girlfriends” visited him. J3 was hatched in 2011 in the Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve about 16 km away from this nest.
We built the nest of osprey Madis in autumn 2011, here too as replacement for the collapsed natural nest that was located about 300 m away. The following spring Madis at once accepted the artificial nest together with the web camera as his own. Madis and Piret raised two young chicks in 2011 and three in 2012. Nesting failed in 2013: before the arrival of Piret a new mate for Madis appeared (named Oksana by the forum) and after Piret’s arrival fierce fights took place between the female birds. The one egg laid by Oksana was not incubated and Piret did not lay any eggs. The migration path of Piret is also on the migration map (autumn 2012 and spring 2013). In 2014 Madis and Piret initially arrived to the camera nest but began nesting about 2 km away instead. There however the nest fell down with the chicks. As yet we have not managed to remove the transmitter that is not working from Piret
The 2015 transmission from the nest of Madis runs regularly from April 16th. As previously, the image from the Mobotix camera moves by way of MikroTik aerials to the nearest tele tower and from there by way of the Tele2 net to the EENet server. EENet distributes it to the viewers.

Akupluss has provided support for batteries for both cameras
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