Badger camera starts

Introduction written by  Tiit
Transmission courtesy of Teetormaja and EENet
Translation Liis


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RMK's badger camera starts its second season.
From mid-May until the end of summer last year, we could for the first time follow the doings of badgers in real time and in natural surroundings. Outside the den constructed by the badgers in a soil heap in Saaremaa there was not much traffic then. Female Kadi had no cubs, and the badger pair had time to go roaming  around away from home.
This spring things appear to be different – the den has an additional round opening, and Kadi carries dried leaves, withered grass and moss into the nest. Beside the important doings the badger pair has also found the time to search tenderly for fleas in each other’s coats and to scratch their bellies.
The heat period of badgers is in June-July and it may still last even in September. On June 9th last year a mating of our familiar animals could be seen in camera view. Badgers have a standstill or latency period of several months in the development of the foetus, which is the reason why the cubs are born in spring when weather is warmer and there is enough food. So the badger female herself arranges and knows when the best time will be to give birth to the young – usually in March-April. Similar to brown bears, badgers give birth every other year. The eyes of the newly born cubs open when they are one month old, and at about two months of age they begin to toddle around the den. Perhaps in mid-May we will see the little badger tots in their silky grey baby fur.
The female badger was named Kadi as suggested by Kadi Radio station in Saaremaa but her ”boyfriend” still has no name. One suggestion has arrived – Vladislav.
Olle Koert, OÜ Teetormaja, Urmas Lett, EENet and Omar Neiland from Hatcam have assisted us with the installation of the camera and transmission of the camera stream.
Many thanks!
Kadi and ”boyfriend”.




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