Honey buzzard camera

Text: Urmas SellisBird of the Year 2015 team member)
 Translation Liis

The buzzard is the Estonian Bird of the Year this year. The honey buzzard is a buzzard too, and a relatively late nester. We will try to follow its nest life.
Transmission courtesy of Kernel and EENet


Streams for mobile devices: iPhone, iPadAndroid, VLC
The Bird of the Year is chosen by the Estonian Ornithological Society . The buzzard is the 21st in the row. The honey buzzard camera was installed at the nest in mid-May. The installation was carried out directed by the eagle club. The camera is Mobotix M22, used previously at nests. Its microphone is probably slightly damaged and because of this certain sound frequencies tend to be distorted. The Mobotix importer Beta Group also participated in the installation  of the system.

The transmission from the nests goes by way of a WiFi link  The devices for this come from our long-time partner in the camera projects, Kernel AS. We use the Kernek network  for transmission. Through it the camera image reaches the  EENet server. In the EENet server the video stream is split for thousands of users.
We hope for inhabitants in the nest soon but no promises can be made!
More information about the honey buzzard is on the  Bird of the Year home page (in Estonian), and about events in the nest in the Looduskalender news and the  forum, where viewers from all over the world post their observations. 
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