White-tailed eagle chicks near hatching

Text: Renno Nellis
Image: Mobotix  camera
Translation: Liis from forum
Linda on the eggs for the 34th day.
Our eagle pair, Linda and Sulev, prepared their nest already in winter. Linda laid the first egg in the morning of March 12, and the second egg two days later. There may be a third egg in the nest but no-one has seen it for sure. Both adults incubate, but the female eagle has taken on a clearly greater part. Sulev has been more occupied with prey-hunting, and has brought food for Linda (waterfowl and fish). The incubation period of white-tailed eagles is 34-42 days, so the eaglets should hatch in the period April 14-22. The average length of the incubation period (38 days) promises hatching of the eagle chicks during the coming weekend!




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