Tõnn already in Southern Estonia

Text and photos: Urmas Sellis
Map: Google Earth
Translation: Liis
In three days greater spotted eagle Tõnn reached Southern Estonia from around Helsinki. He crossed the border between Finland and Russia around noon on August 6, and arrived in Estonia exactly two days later.
Crossing the Lämmijärv lake was no problem for Tõnn.
On Saturday evening and Sunday morning (August 8-9) he stopped at the border between Võrumaa and Põlvamaa counties, in the village of Tsolgo. Whether he will be staying there for a while we will see later.
What attracted Tõnn to make a stop on Saturday was a combine harvester gathering early grain crops in an out of the way field. The billowing rape field nearby didn’t interest him at all
The harvested corn field to the left and the rape field to the right of the road, in the middle the large spruce where Tõnn was sitting early on Sunday morning.
It wasn’t difficult to find Tõnn, the coordinates from the transmitter pointed straight at a stand of large spruces, and Tõnn was there on Sunday morning too, looking for prey. He did catch some kind of mouse in a hayfield, and tried to hit a wood pigeon in the stubble field, but that attempt failed.
Tõnn at the other side of the stubble field, in a half-dry maple. A buzzard came to annoy him every now and then.




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