Mealy berry tree

Photo: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
  Hawthorn  Viirpuu  Craetagus    
The fruits of the common hawthorn are ripe. The berry-like pomes are quite large and with a mealy taste, people call the tree “jahumarjapuu”, "mealy berry tree”.
The Craetagus genus is one of the largest in the plant world, there may be more than a thousand species, and more are added all the time. How do new species come about? The hawthorns cross-fertilize easily between themselves and produce plants that difficult to determine and have characteristics intermediate between the parent species. Here in Estonia the hawthorns often grow as tall bushes, or more seldom, as low trees. We have more than 60 species, mostly growing in parks and gardens.
Some 10 species grow naturally in the western parts of Estonia. Some of them have originated and propagated in Estonia and are unique in the world, as for instance the Saaremaa hawthorn and the Viidumäe hawthorn. The common hawthorn is the most widely spread species.




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