Osprey Erika in winter quarters

Text: Ülo Väli
Photos: Urmas Sellis
Map: Google Earth
Translation: Liis
On September 19 osprey Erika reached her usual wintering area, the eastern part of Sudan near the Ethiopian border.
After the tiring crossing of the Mediterranean on September 7, our osprey stopped for some rest at the edge of the Nile delta; her satellite transmitter sent coordinates from here until September 13. The next data arrived on September 16, already from 900 km further south, at the Egypt-Sudan border, as Erika was heading towards south at great speed. And a few days later she had arrived in her winter quarters.
This photo is from somewhat further north at the Atbarah river , but Erika’s winter quarters should look much like this in February
Erika has chosen the Ar-Rahadi river as her winter quarters. This is one of the largest tributaries of the Blue Nile, together with smaller rivers forming a dense network of waters. Since in this area the end of August means high water levels, Erika should have no problems to find fishing waters in the nearest future.
Just now this riverbed is almost certainly flooded.




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