White-tailed eagle nest camera 2010

Transmission courtesy of  Televõrgu AS and  EENet
Screencaps: Jo and Mutikluti from forum
Translation: Liis
Sulev on the nest. 1.03.10.
It seems to be just the right time to start observing the doings of Linda and Sulev, our white-tailed eagle pair from Läänemaa, in their nest again. Assisted by the Eagle Club (Kotkaklubi) and many other helping hands the camera was installed and all other necessary preparations made in January so as not to disturb the birds in their home. The camera goes on air today, March 3, 2010.
NB! To see the video in full screen mode double click on the image that opens in Media Player. If direct stream watching still doesn’t work, it may be useful to test the web player (right), that allows you to watch the camera image directly in your browser.
Many splendid people and enterprises help in making the nest life of our white-tailed eagles available to you.
Many thanks to them!

... and all the sharp-eyed nature enthusiasts in Looduskalender’s forum.

Nest tree, and Urmas installing the camera.
The nest in the morning of Estonia's birthday,  24.02.10.




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