More about the white-tailed eagle nest camera

Text: Urmas Sellis
Photos: Valeri Stšerbatõhh
             Mobotix camera
Translation: Liis
One of the star actors in the white-tailed eagle nest camera, Linda, has been captured on photos by nature photographer Valeri too, always in north-western Estonia. In the winter of 2009 Linda visited Valeri’s place several times to feast on tidbits. Photos from that, and many other beautiful eagle photos, can be viewed on Valeri’s web site. Below is a capture from last winter - maybe even getting too close up - where even the ring number on the right leg is legible (ESTONIA MATSALU 356).
Valeri pilt
Pictures of Linda can be seen here, and here.
Transmission of the white-tailed eagle camera image varies in quality, as most watchers have noticed. We had to choose between two options – to have a continuous, relatively low (but stable) quality, or to accept interruptions in strong winds but have a high quality in calm weather. Last year we chose the first alternative, because in the forest the aerial was attached to the highest branch of the aspen tree, and moved in the wind together with the tree. But the aerial was not quite high enough.
This year we installed the aerial about 3 metres higher up, on a special pole fastened on to the top of the aspen. The aerial moves with the tree, but with a larger amplitude. Due to this, with strong winds (particularly westerly and northerly) there will be breaks in the transmission. Yesterday we installed a wind muffling device in front of the camera microphone, so that all other sounds won’t be drowned by the wind.

Let us hope that the technology will endure, and all eager watchers will be able to follow life in the nest!

Linda on  March 11,  2010 (last year the first egg was laid on March 12 ...)




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