Protection for lesser spotted eagles

Information from Estonian Ministry of the Environment
Photo: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Lesser spotted eagle.
15 breeding territories of the lesser spotted eagle in Estonia will be declared as protected sites. The total area is 222 hectares, mostly on state-owned land and included in the Natura 2000 network.
According to the regulation from the Ministry of the Environment, fishing and hunting is allowed on the lesser spotted eagle nesting territories from September 1 to March 14, that is, during a period when this does not disturb the nesting or the growing up of the young of the lesser spotted eagles. During the same period berry and mushroom picking is also allowed in the protected zones of the nesting sites. The use of roads and paths crossing the sites, and travelling on them by vehicles, is allowed during the whole year, according to the protective declaration, as according to eagle experts the lesser spotted eagles are used to traffic on roads.

Outside the nesting period of lesser spotted eagles shelterwood cutting and selected cutting may be undertaken in the protected zone with the permission of the manager of the protected area, but the size of the cutting area must not be larger than 2 hectares. Transports for collection of felled timber and hauling out of timber are prohibited on unfrozen ground, except with the permission of the manager of the protected area.




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