Brandt's bat, whiskered bat and Natterer's bat

Text: Rauno Kalda
Photo of Brandt's bat: Malin Tverin
Photo of Natterer's bat: Viesturs Vintulis
Translation: Liis
Brandt's bat.
  Brandt's bat
 Myotis brandtii    
  Whiskered bat
  Natterer's bat
Nattereri lendlane
 Myotis nattereri    
The Brandt’s bat, whiskered bat and Natterer’s bat are rare bat species in Estonia. They may be seen flying in parks, forests and near bodies of water.
All three are sedentary in Estonia and use cellars in manor houses and large caves for their hibernation.
Of the three species the easiest to recognise is Natterer’s bat that has long ears and an S-shaped calcar [a spur at the edge of the tail wing membrane]. The remaining two species are much more difficult to distinguish: the whiskered bat and Brandt’s bat are very similar. The surest way to separate them is by their teeth.

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Natterer's bat.




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