White-tailed eagle camera 2011

Transmission courtesy of  Televõrgu AS and EENet

On March 10 our third season of following the nest life of white-tailed eagles started. In February necessary work was carried out at the nest of Linda and Sulev, the Läänemaa white-tailed eagle pair: the camera was set half a metre higher than last year, the aerial was lifted to another position, faulty power and network cables were changed etc.
Trees between the aerial in the forest and the mobile mast grew so much last year that transmitting the image turned out to be impossible. So the signal from the forest was to go by way of an optical fibre cable instead. To this end we invited EMT as a project partner. Cellnet Baltic installed a transmission bridge on EMT’s mobile mast. The signal is then forwarded to the mobile mast of Elisa and from there to the Televõrgu AS cable. By way of the cable the video reaches the EENet server room where it is decoded and multiplied for viewers.
NB! To see the video in full screen mode double click on the video window that opens in Media Player.
If watching direct stream does not work the web player below may be worth trying; with it the image from the camera can be watched directly in your browser. It needs the Silverlight browser add-on that can be downloaded from here , in case you do not already have it. 
The organisations and enterprises below help to display the nest life of the white-tailed eagles:

... and all nature enthusiasts in Looduskalender’s forum.

The nest tree and Urmas installing the camera.




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