Barn swallow - 2011

On April 21st the Estonian Post - Eesti Post releases the traditional "Bird of the Year“ stamp, maxi post card, envelope and postmark. The stamp and other items have been designed by Vladimir Taiger.

The Estonian Ornithological Society has chosen the barn swallow as the Bird of the Year in 2011. The rationale for this choice was the ongoing decrease in numbers of our Estonian national bird in the last decade. Ornithologists estimate that the number of breeding barn swallows in Estonia has become smaller by each year. Because of this greater attention to the Estonian national and the Estonian Ornithological Society’s coat of arms bird is needed.
The decrease in numbers of the barn swallow is in part due to the great changes in the agriculture of Europe and urban development of farmland that has left tens of thousands of barn swallows without nesting locations. At the same time the decrease of cattle husbandry and concentration of cattle  into closed cattle buildings have decreased the number of flies, the basic food of barn swallows. But the barn swallows, being long-distance migrants, are also influenced by conditions on their migration paths and wintering areas. In southern Africa birds that winter there must twice a year cross the widening Sahara desert, endure ever more unforeseeable weather conditions and find wintering areas that offer sufficient food for surviving the winter. In the Year of the Barn Swallow the life and the ecological importance of the species will be presented as well as how all can help the nesting of barn swallows in Estonia. Collection of data on the life conditions and occurrence of barn swallows in Estonia engaging all bird enthusiasts will also be organised.
The Year of the Barn Swallow is organised by Mati Kose and Meelis Uustal.
The Estonian Ornithological Society chooses a Bird of the Year for the 17th time. The purpose of selecting the bird of the year is to introduce one of our bird species or group of species to the public and to engage the public in the study and protection of the Bird of the Year.

The EOÜ jubilee year programme is on the EOÜ home page:




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