What will be the fate of the great tit chicks still in the nest?

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This morning [Saturday] the six largest chicks left the webcam nest. The oldest of them were 20 days old. The two smallest however, 3-4 days younger than the others, remained in the nest. What will be the fate of the chicks left behind ?

Kell 10.40 oli kaks poega veel pesas

At 10.40 two chicks were still in the nest

Marko Mägi, researcher at the University of Tartu bird ecology department comments:

”All great tit chicks do not always leave the nest on the same day, particularly if there are nestlings of different ages. The fledging of smaller chicks with less well developed plumage may take one or two days longer compared to the others in the clutch. The smaller nestlings only fledge if the adults continue to feed them.

During the first days outside the nest the chicks are still cared for by the adults and demand food from them – it may take one more week to a total independence. If the chicks left in the nest cannot get sufficient attention from the adults during that period they may not fledge.“

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Margus Ots

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