Partridges in snowy fields

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Partridge     Nurmkana     Perdix perdix


The colder weather and the appearance of a snow cover brought partridges to fields near farms but even there they prefer keeping close to the forest or shrubs for security.

Partridges look plump, with a small head compared to the body; throat and cheeks yellowish brown, the breast and neck blue-gray, back plumage greyish brown with white speckles. Females as well as males may have a dark breast patch. In flight view we can note the reddish-brown feathers at the edge of the tail. For information to viewers: the plumage of young birds from this summer is not yet as colourful and leaves a “duller” impression

On average thirty centimetres long birds; the weight can vary between a quarter of a kilo up to half a kilo.

In Europe the number of partridges has decreased by 80% in the last quarter of a century; it is not quite as bad yet in Estonia.


Recent observations of partridges: LINK

Ilmateenistuse tänahommikune lumekaart.

Snow map from the Estonian Weather Services. Thickness of snow cover (cm) on 07.12.2017 at 08 EET.