Photo exhibition opens on August 25


All are invited to the photo exhibition „Kuu lähivaates ja maastikul. Astrofotokonkurss 2011 – The moon close up and in the landscape. Astrophoto competition 2011",  in the White Auditorium of the University of Tartu History Museum, on Thursday, August 25, at 16 o’clock.
This spring the Estonian Astronomy Society and AS Fotoluks invited all to photograph the moon and to look up old photos from drawers. Altogether 164 photos arrived to the competition „The moon close up and in the landscape“, 115 of them were landscape photos and 49 in the close up category.
At the exhibition 20 of the best photos are shown, selected by a jury of astronomers and photographers.
The jury decided to hand out three awards to the authors of the best works in both categories, and in addition the delegates at the astronomy enthusiasts’ meeting chose their favourite.
The results of the contest were announced already at the meeting of astronomy enthusiasts on August 13, but the prizes to the best authors will be handed out at the opening of the exhibition. The results are on the web page:
The exhibition in the UT Museum of History will stay open until September 11, and the exhibition is dedicated to the 200 year anniversary of the Tartu Astronomical Tower, Tartu Tähetorn.
Taavi Tuvikene

Chairman, Estonian Astronomy Society




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