One egg broken during fight

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It's not only human beings who hate Mondays—the day can be difficult for storks, too. Just after seven a.m. saw the visit of the troublemaker.

Donna's mate was not home and the visiting male disturbed the nest. He pushed two of the eggs out of position to the edge of the next. When Donna's mate arrived a fight began at once, during the process of which one egg was broken. After the fight, Donna replaced the eggs to their usual place. How long will the peace last? The good news is that today's fight lasted only a couple of minutes before Donna's mate returned.

The lone, fully-grown black stork is in our couple's territory, but where else does he have to go? He wants to fill his stomach, find a mate, and build a home. His choices are limited. We wish strength to our couple.

We wonder if last year Tony was simply lucky, or if he fought with his competitors outside the nest?




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