White-tailed eagles’ winter feeding ground web camera

Transmission courtesy of Televork and EENet
Translation: Liis


Stream for mobile devices: iPhone, iPadAndroid, VLC
This year there have been various problems  with connections from the winter feeding ground of the white-tailed eagles. Urmas from ESTLAT Eagles project (Estonian Ornithological Society) and Renno from Kotkaklubi (Eagle Club) managed to resolve the last bottlenecks on December 29th.
The camera can be directed (viewing angle changed, zoom function) by an authorised operator. In daylight the focus can be adjusted.
As always a great number of splendid people have been involved in the enterprise. Kernel and the Beta group helped for instance to get the transmission system going after the summer standstill. The general system setup is supported by the ESTLAT programme through the "Eagles cross borders" project of the Estonian Ornithological Society
And the Looduskalender forum provides information on what goes on.
Partners in the enterprise:
Eesti Ornitoloogiaühing Kotkaklubi  Eagles Cross Borders  EENet
SA Silma Märgala
Supporting: ESTLAT programme and KIK
ESTLAT programm




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