A week in the forest – time of the full moon

Overview and photos by Marko Kübarsepp

Signs of the culmination of the wolves`mating season on the roadside
The nights have been frosty and the days sunny since the weekend. Time of the full moon seems to make both men and animals a bit more restless somehow.
Spring is approaching fast and the wolves`mating season is at its peak. The female wolf who is accompanying Hall (Grey) is in heat. Bloody secretion on urine marks is also evidence of the peak of the mating season.
Thus, in two months` time we should know whether Hall becomes the father of some new offspring during springtime.

Written and photographed in Väätsa by Peep Männil

Trails and markings of a three-legged male wolf

Wolves are very resilient – also individuals who are not in perfect health are subjects to hormones during the mating season. In Väätsa, Järvamaa, a wolf who was wounded during hunting is walking on three legs now and is travelling with a partner. In case they mate and produce offspring, it will probably resemble a human-like „Saaremaa“-situation, where the woman needs to feed seven children and a drunk (in this case crippled) husband. Surely, this will be very difficult for the female animal.

Trails of a female wolf next to the tracks of an elk





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