Cover to cover VOL 6

Photographed and written by Kaido
Translation: SilverT
Unfortunately,  it is very common that a photo presents some animal species in a pose or situation which is impressive, but unnatural, because it was provoked by man. A classic example is the great white shark with its jaws wide open and head above the water (after an assistant has just pulled away a delicious piece of fish and is now outside of the frame). What could be considered as an Estonian analogue is a crayfish with its claws directed towards the sky. For such frames, it`s not hard to guess from who the animal is trying to protect itself.
In Äntu, European crayfish (Astacus astacus) can be found in Sini-, Valge- and Rohejärv (Blue, White and Green lake). The species is not particularly numerous in these lakes, however, encountering it is rather common. Color scale ranges from rusty brown to indigo blue.
Although roaches (Rutilus rutilus) are very common in our waters and one is almost sure to encounter them while diving in Estonian lakes, taking a proper photo of them is quite tricky. A shoal of young roaches may swim synchronized with the diver for a long time, while always keeping a meter of distance from the side of the diver. When you try to turn to their direction with a camera, they also turn. Larger roaches, however, hide in the crowns of trees that have fallen into water, where they have a safe place from their main enemy, the pike, and also from the cameraman who would love to take a photo.




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