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Text Joosep Tuviwww.kotkaklubi.ee
Photographed by Raul Vilk
Lesser spotted eagle Kai was „fearless“ when meeting the ringers
Lesser spotted eagle nest camera 2013
This was the sixth year in a row when we were able to observe the daily lives of lesser spotted eagles Eha and Koit via web camera. Their nest is located in the heart of Estonia, in northern Jõgevamaa, on the edge of grasslands by river Pedja. Good feeding areas and a concealed nest location provide the pair of eagles with opportunities for succesful nesting – over the six years when they have been visible, an eaglet has fledged in four of the years.
In 2013, web camera started broadcasting in the middle of April, when lesser spotted eagles had already returned from their long trip to South Africa and even had had the time to mend the nest. On May 3rd, female bird laid the first egg in the nest and on May 7th, the second egg. Since birds of prey start incubating right after the first egg has been laid, eaglets will hatch in different times. Mostly, only one eaglet will fledge in lesser spotted eagle nest – the one with the privilege to hatch first. Same situation happened also this year, when only the first eaglet, who hatched on June 11th survived and the second one who hatched four days later died.
On July 7th, the eaglet in the nest received rings on its legs so it could be recognized in the future. Lesser spotted eagles are equipped with a so-called country ring on right foot, which has text ESTONIA MATSALU on it and a unique number (in this case R-12614). Since 2007, we have also added a white plastic ring with black text on the left foot, which makes it easier to identify the bird in nature. Eaglet who was named Kai by members of the forum received a ring with the code KY.
On August 8th, Kai left the nest for the first time. Young bird will be present around the nest for more than a month. The adults keep feeding the young one, but step by step the eaglet must take the responsibility of finding food for itself. And then comes the time for the most serious ordeal of its life - dangerous migration to distant Africa.
NB! The second lesser spotted eagle nest which is also equipped with a web camera had a „resting year“ for the eagles. Old black storks´ nest was nicely „polished“ in the spring, but no eggs were laid in the clutch. Last year, a young lesser spotted eagle was killed in this nest as a result of a northern goshawk attack. Whether the pair of eagles will inhabit the nest also next year, after all that has happened, will be known in coming spring.
We thank the large number of people who observed life in the nest via web camera and members of LK forum who followed and shared the daily activities of lesser spotted eagles with illustrating material on a couple of hundred pages:
Broadcast was made possible by Tele2/Televõrgu AS and EENet
See you in springtime! 




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