Wolf life

Photos Peep Männil
Translation: Liia
Wolf pair’s territory marking spot near Tipu on 5.02.2014
Grey wolf     Hunt or susi       Canis lupus
Some time about one and a half weeks ago a wolf pair originally from Alam-Pedja were moving in the Ilmatsaare area. Peep photographed the markings of the wolf pair at Tipu in the last snow.  The snow has melted together with the track book, but the wolf pair keeps together and the honeymoon lasts. Usually known to be night animals wolves can at present have a somewhat different way of life; they are also a little more careless in their moves.
The top predators have carefully marked their home territory. When markings with blood mixed in the urine are found at a wolf pair’s paths  it means that in about nine weeks offspring might be expected.
An alpha pair of wolves stays together during their whole lifetime if the god of wolves so allows, and both adults care for the offspring as well as “aunties” – young she-wolves from the previous year’s litter or two years earlier, if they have survived the wolf hunts.
Wolf researcher Marko Kübarsepp recently visited Hiiumaa on field work to establish how many predators there are on the ”little island” – it turned out that there were four individuals. When Marko finds the time he will give a brief summary of the results of the field work.




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