VIDEO: Seal mum suckling

Video recorded by Ame, LK forum
Translation: Liis
Grey seal     Hallhüljes        Halichoerus grypus
The morning begins with the ”seal children” begging for food, of course stomachs are emtpy after the night, and it would be nice to see mum too – much happier mood at once.
A little out from the shore the males are patrolling. They are larger and with a darker fur. They try to keep off other males from their action area.
Two young white-tailed eagles have been seen in action, they will not be nesting this year and roam around meeting others of their own kind. A raven pair and hooded crows have also been seen.
There are rather few waterfowl, only one mute swan and a herring gull.
The camera showed fine sunny weather but the water temperature is still below one degree. After a calm night with springtime frost even some ice can be seen in the sea.
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Web camera image  Mutikluti, LK forum




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