Forest camera forced to stop transmission

On Thursday the image from the Forest disappeared. In recent weeks forest felling has disturbed the peaceful life of the forest inhabitants. Yesterday the forest workers dragged out their Harvester from the forest on a trailer, and the heavy equipment tore down both our internet connection cables and the transmitter aerial. We have unfortunately no basis for a damage claim since we did not have traffic signs restricting height of vehicles or suchlike on this private closed-off road. Last year there was the same mess.
The sows have birthing nests in the forest, tracks of two brown bears have already been seen in Ilmatsalu, a six-headed elk group is moving around.
Our thanks to Mait Siimson who took care of the animals, to the Tähtvere Hunting Society, and to all small and big helpers from the Ilmatsalu kindergarten who gathered acorns for the ”forest piggies” to last the whole winter.
Thanks also to the many viewers of the Forest camera, and participants in the forum. We will meet again in the beginning of next winter.
Kernel and Eenet have helped with transfer of the image.
Translation: Liis




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