Ringed seals better protected

Photo Bert Rähni, 360.ee
Translation: Liis
Ringed seal pup on seal ice
The Estonian government approved the regulations for the Kihnu isles nature protection area. In addition to birds, since 2014 ringed seals also inhabit the isles.
The Kihnu isles and the surrounding sea area have until now been protected as the Sangelaiud conservation area, the ringed seal Sangelaiud permanent habitat area and the Pärnu laht (Pärnu bay) protected area. Now these areas will be joined into one conservation area. The area of the protected zone is 4178 hectares of which 4164 hectares is sea area.

The Kihnu isles and sea area are an important feeding, resting and breeding territory for different bird species and a stopping place for migrating birds. Ringed seal habitats, breeding and resting sites are also in the area





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