Mapping the wealth of orchids in cities

NGO Käoraamat invites you to participate
Photos Rainar Kurbel
Translation: Liis
 Lady’s tresses (Goodyera repens) in Tallinn
This year NGO Käoraamat invites you to map the orchids growing in Estonian cities with the aim to add to the knowledge of biodiversity in Estonian cities and to preserve the treasures of our nature.
In May the flowering period of orchids starts in Estonia and lasts, depending on the year, until September. In Estonian cities 24 different native orchid species have been found so far of which 10 belong to the II and 14 species to the III protection categories.

Up to now orchids are known only from 19 cities out of 47.  The list of cities can be seen here: LINK

 Coral root orchid (Corallorhiza trifida), military orchids in background in Paldiski (Pakri)
All nature friends who would like to join the search for orchids in cities must enter their observations in the Loodusvaatlused database (Nature Observations Database)  (LINK) no later than 20.08.2014. Awards to the best!
All observations must be entered in accordance with the requirements of the Nature Observations Database. To include a photo of the plant and inflorescence is recommended (needed for checking the identification). Please also note the number of plants, either as an exact count or an estimate in case of a mass occurrence. Only observations made within the administrative borders of a city are taken in account, regardless of whether it is a new or already known location. If the observations are made jointly by several observers the person entering the observation should note the fellow observer/s to avoid repeated entries of the  same observation and also in order to link the observation to their names as well.
The best observations will be selected from among the observers.
 Military orchid (Orchis militaris) in Tallinn
A running overview of the most diligent finders and of added new ”orchid cities” is on the Internet on the NGO Käoraamat Facebook page where during a month after the end of the competition summaries will be published and award winners will be announced.
A reminder: all orchids growing naturally in Estonia are protected by law!
NGO Käoraamat’s Facebook site  - LINK
Greater butterfly orchid (Platanthera chlorantha) in Tallinn
Estonian article publ. 15.05.2014




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