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One of this year’s ”Birds of the Year, a buzzard, has a tracker. Just now the bird is in South Germany, near Munich, and has not yet started his spring migration. But  it may happen soon and then, hopefully, we can follow him on his migration as well as during breeding on the migration map. There is reason to hope that the buzzard will migrate to Estonia and breed here.
But this buzzard has no name.
Now we announce a contest to find a name for him. Name proposals for this male buzzard can be submitted on the form on the Year of the Buzzard web site until March 15:
The Year of the Buzzard team will select the best one from among the proposed names .
See the migration route of the as yet nameless buzzard: LINK
and help finding a fine name for him!
The Estonian Ornithological Society selects a Bird of the Year from 1995 onwards. The aim of selecting the bird of the year is to introduce a bird species or group of bird species in Estonia to the public, and to involve nature enthusiasts in investigations and protection of this species.
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