Buzzard Villu and the buzzard cameras

Text: Urmas Sellis  (Bird of year 2015 team member)
Translation Liis
The name contest for the buzzard with a tracker has ended successfully. The buzzard will be called Villu, which was proposed most frequently, 64 times. Altogether 512 people suggested 631 names for the contest, and there were 305 different names. Among the most popular were also Urmas (proposed 38 times), Villem (25), Vidrik (19) and Vihur (13). The location of buzzard Villu on the migration map ( is updated daily. Currently he has reached the border between Poland and the Czech Republic.
While Villu still migrates the nest-building in two Estonian buzzard nests can be watched via web cameras, later hopefully also the nesting. More information about the nest cameras is available in Looduskalender: LINK
In their present nesting stage now the buzzard pairs are active at the nests primarily in the mornings. For those who cannot watch the live broadcast in morning information about what goes on is offered by the LK forum pages:LINK

The Estonian Ornithological Society nominates a Bird of the Year from 1995 onwards. The aim is to introduce a bird species or group of species to the public and involve nature fans in bird studies and protection. More information about buzzards and the Year of the Buzzard is on the EOÜ home page: LINK

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