How is buzzard Villu doing?

Text ÜloVäli
Translation Liis
Track camera image from June 4th
Most of this year’s buzzard chicks have already been flying around for weeks. Villu’s nesting was one of the latest among buzzards this year, his offspring hatched only at the end of May.  Now, in early July, Villu’s nest is finally also becoming empty – his only chick is about to fledge from it. 
We have already shown information from his transmitter about Villu’s use of his habitat several times on the buzzard year homepage. The behaviour of our transmitter buzzard has remained fairly uniform during the whole nesting period; in June however his preference for grasslands became even more marked than before. Whether this is exceptional or common behaviour , we will know when we have analyzed the buzzard observations from all over Estonia. Make your contribution – add your buzzard observation on our home page, noting the habitat too! 
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