VIDEO: How the roe deer get fed

Video recorded by Fleur, LK forum
Translation Liis
For a couple of days last week the feeding ground was not approachable.  In the open spaces that had to be passed snow was knee deep and in drifts even higher. On Saturday when Olle went to change the controller for the devices it was not possible to get close with a four-wheel drive van. He had to go on foot for a kilometre and a half.
Today Uno at least got through to the feeding ground with a trailer and worked hard at the site (Uno is the one with the red cap, he is mostly active on the feeding ground).
In the video the unloading goes quickly but first the balls had to go on the trailer, be driven to the location etc, - and so half the daylight time had already gone.
A little about weights: the darker silage ball weighs about 700 to 750 kilos, a hay ball should be about 25% lighter.
In the evening when some ten or twenty animals are feeding, a silage ball will be sufficient for 2 nights-evenings. On the third day teh animals will find something too on rummaging; good, because food should not be left lying around.
 A tractor had to be used to be able to get to the feeding ground in the future too. A large-scale thaw which is not rare in Saaremaa with its milder climate could otherwise stop the traffic.
Images from the webcam captured by IceAge, LK forum
And with a second round the manger was filled too with carrots.
Thank you, men!




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