Tõnn gets to know the Baltic coast

Text: Urmas Sellis
Images: Google Earth
Greater spotted eagle Tõnn is moving along the Baltic Sea’s southern coast toward Estonia. From Spain in the south he first arrived at the North Sea, then obviously quickly understood his error in navigation and took an eastern course.
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Tõnn’s spring migration has already taken him through six German states—all of those located on the western- and northern border. According to the last data, Tõnn came from Niedersachsen through Schleswig-Holstein to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern—basically, a tour of northern Germany! Tõnn didn’t want to fly over the ancient merchant city of Lübeck, so he arced 100 kilometers south of the city.
Last night he arrived in the forest near Hohen Schönberg where he spent the night:
Whether he’ll also fly eastward today won’t be known until his next data transmission. The next familiar location Tõnn could arrive in Germany (especially to those who studied German in school) is Rostock. And from there the Polish border isn’t far at all…




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