Spring has begun, bird feeder closes

Photo and text: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Matilda the partridge.

Dear friends!

Spring has come and the Bird Feeder Camera closes. Sincere thanks to the bird feeder visitors who came to eat, and to all bird friends who shared the doings of the birds on their computer screens. Many thanks too to Elion and EENet who made the high-quality video transmission possible and to Balsnack who fed the bird feeder visitors and tested new products.
This winter’s most noteworthy visitor was surely the partridge who was even given a name of her own – Matilda. For a long time she tidied up on the snow below the feeder, sometimes sharing the sunflower seed sprinkled snow with the squirrel; on occasions there were even slight "borderline discussions”.
At the end of the winter the snowdrift grew up to the feeder – and Matilda at last went on air ...
The spring weather has set our birds on the move, and visits to the feeder become fewer, but feeding will go on until most of the great snow has gone.
Looking forward to meeting again at the bird feeder next winter,
Yours sincerely,
Mr. BirdFeeder 
Bird feeder visitors:
Great tit
Blue tit
Willow tit
Marsh tit
Tree sparrow
House sparrow
Domestic pigeon
Great spotted woodpecker
Partridge – first time visitor
Under the bird feeder seeds were picked by:
Hooded crow
Long-tailed tit
On the other side of the screen the bird life was followed by nearly 800 000 watchers, one fourth more than last year. Our thanks to to all enthusiasts!




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