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2017. aastal alustas esimest korda koprakaamera.

Beaver camera ended transmission from Ura

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Wed, 16.10.2019 - 15:03

Final story and illustrations  Tiit Huntwww.rmk.ee
Estonian text posted 11.10.2019

The beaver camera that was installed in the Kilingi-Nõmme hunting grounds in Pärnumaa at the end of May has ended transmission.  

At the lodge in Ura two beavers were active until one of the animals was hit by a suddenly breaking tree. The tree fell so quickly and unexpectedly that the animal in the water could not escape the falling trunk. After this incident we have not managed to see two beavers at the same time in camera view. One animal was busy daily in camera view a week longer; in the following week it  was observed only a few times and after that disappeared completely.

Below a video reminder of the hit: 


Beaver camera ended transmission from Penijõgi

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Tue, 24.09.2019 - 11:58

Summary prepared by Tiit Huntwww.rmk.ee
Estonian text posted 20.09.2019


The beaver camera that has been monitoring life on the shore of Penijõgi in the Matsalu National Park has finished its transmission.

The web camera was installed near the beaver hut in order to see the animal of the year and its doings more closely. Although the inhabitants of the nest were not very eager to appear in camera view very often viewers managed to see in action and hear a great number of different mammal and bird species in addition to the beavers here at the edge of the largest reed field along the coast of the Baltic.

VIDEO: Extraordinary event recorded by chance

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Thu, 25.07.2019 - 09:53

Video recorded by  Tiit Huntwww.rmk.ee
Estonian text posted 24.07.2019



Beaver          Kobras or  piiber       Castor fiber


A rare event was seen in the nature webcam in Ura. A broken tree on the river bank fell into the water and hit a beaver that had been feasting in the water.

Beavers are herbivores; in summer aquatic plants as well as meadowsweets, sedges and also nettles on the bank are on their menu

VIDEOS: The day of the Ura beavers and otters

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Fri, 14.06.2019 - 09:17

Text and illustrations  Tiit Hunt, www.rmk.ee

Estonian text posted 12.06.2019


The doings of the Ura beavers brought them into camera view already a minute past midnight. Shortly before three o’clock when the forest birds already woke up and started singing the beavers had been swimming, alone or two together, past the camera exactly 21 times –an active night. 

The water level had suddenly decreased in the pond and it can be  supposed that they worried about the condition of the dam about 50 meters away. During the next two hours the beavers came in camera view only five times so they were probably engaged in the dam construction. From five o’clock in the morning they were no longer to be seen, probably they were settling down to the day’s sleep … 

Beaver camera 2019

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Fri, 05.04.2019 - 13:50

Transmission enabled by EENet

Introduction and illustrations  Tiit Hunt, www.rmk.ee
English translation Liis

Estonian text posted 04.04.2019

The beaver camera is once more online. This year we will be able to follow the activities of the beavers at their lodge on the shore of the Penijõgi in the Matsalu National Park. Behind the beaver lodge the largest reed field at the Baltic is visible.

At the beaver dam

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Sun, 09.07.2017 - 09:51

Introduction Tiit Hunt, www.rmk.ee
Transmission courtesy of Elisa and EENet

Translation Liis

The easily movable web camera setup is now ready and installed in Saaremaa. This is the first time that we test such a mobile webcam setup through the Elisa mobile network, and it will be adjusted when needed. The image in real time is shown from the site where the beaver camera that is already familiar to our viewers is situated, about 50-60 m downstream from the beaver dam. About 100 metres downstream from this dam is another beaver dam.

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