A week in the forest – ongoing winter

Written and photographed by Marko Kübarsepp 
Translation: SilverT 

Unfortunately, the drifts of snow won`t carry a bear. March 13th, 2013, in Kulli
This winter simply does not want to go away. There is plenty of frost in the inland and during sunrise, temperature may fall to -30° C. There has been plenty of sunshine and the morning frost disappears from the trees in a few hours, however, proper thaw during daytime is yet to come.
The wolf pair that we have got acquainted with is having easy times for travelling. Previously, they were trotting a lot along cleared roads, but now the late-winter`s thick snow cover has a crust here and there, which can hold a wolf`s weight and makes it easy to travel in areas where one previously had to wade through snow, up to one`s chest. The foot of an adult wolf applies pressure of about 120 grams per square centimeter and the paws are quite sizeable. While moving on frozen drifts of snow, wolves spread out their toes as much as possible to prevent slipping through the crust and avoid the extra energy consumption that comes with it.




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