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A little bit of history.The tawny owl was chosen as the Bird of the Year for 2009by the  Estonian Ornithological Society.  This was a good reason to install a web camera in the nest hollow of the tawny owls.
At that time the female laid the first egg already on the 1st of March which was nearly three weeks earlier than the usual start of breeding. The webcam transmission from the nest hollow proved very popular among viewers and it was decided to have transmission the next year as well. In the cold early spring of 2010 the female did not lay the first egg until April 6. The Looduskalender forum gave the tawny owl pair names: Klaara and Klaus.
The autumn storm that raged 3 years ago broke the nest tree of the tawny owls in Matsalu. Staff from the Environmental Agency and RMK crafted a new nest block for Claus and Klaara that was set up near the old nest tree. On March 1, 2013 the Estonian Ornithological Society installed a small Mobotix  infrared camera under the roof of the nest block and suitable infrared light in the hollow. Owls Klaara and Klaus started their nesting on March 19. Last year Klaara laid the first egg on March 11.
On Friday they visited the nest block opening to call  …
The camera stream goes from Läänemaa to the  EENet server in Tartu by way of the  Televõrk network. For more information about what goes on see the news page of Looduskalender and the forum, where viewers from all over the world post  their observations.










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